Kingdom Kollections


Kingdom Kollections International (KKI) – storehouse distribute blessings to those families who are in need. Kingdom Kollections International is a two-fold company. While connecting churches, businesses, communities to participate and become a partner of the largest Kingdom Kollections giveaways in the world, KKI embraces those who are destitute, oppressed, victims of family violence, homeless, orphans (all children in need) and widows around the world with the unconditional love and truth of Christ.

KKI helps families with basic needs (cloths, food, shelter, personal hygiene products); home items (furniture, beds, kitchenware, etc); educational needs (books, computers, supplies, etc) and business needs (transportation, funds, cell phones, etc). We also assist families that have been hit with home disasters. In this case, KKI finds partners who would like to adopt-a-family to help, or even choose one they’d like to aide specifically through an unfortunate internal/external catastrophic journey.

KKI storehouse has received furniture, electronic devices, shoes, funds, cloths, etc. Your belongings that you may not need anymore may be a tremendous blessing to someone else. You may want to give away things that you own or buy something new to bring to the storehouse, whichever way you give to the storehouse let it be as doing unto the Most High. Your giving is certainly appreciated, as it is our duty to give alms. So give unto the KKI Storehouse and assist those in need across the Globe, and make a spiritual Global difference by becoming a Kingdom Kollections International storehouse partner today. This “Storehouse” is maintained by your partnership.

This “Storehouse” is maintained by your partnership.

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